19:00 / 02.01.2020
Interior Ministry proposes replacing vehicle inspection reference with a certificate

The Interior Ministry of Uzbekistan has developed a draft resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers, according to which, instead of a vehicle inspection reference, car owners will receive a certificate of technical inspection. 

The certificate is planned to be made of flexible material measuring 74x105 mm. It will contain a QR code that provides information for quick recognition using special equipment, a special electronic tag (NFC), which allows for contactless data exchange between devices.

The proposed technology for the production of certificates eliminates the manual execution of its issuance by the employee of the State Road Safety Inspectorate (entering information and activating the electronic tag of the certificate is performed by a special device), and also allows the use of a simplified control scheme for vehicles for technical inspection without the need to stop them in the process of traffic. 

It is assumed that special devices will be installed above the carriageway (poles, viaducts, existing structures for mounting CCTV cameras, etc.), which will allow to identify vehicles that have not undergone technical inspection in the stream, as well as detect fake and expired certificates.

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