20:51 / 04.01.2020
Uzbekistan plans to establish 18 new universities in 2020
Photo: iStock

In 2020, 18 new higher education institutions (HEI) will be established in Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education reports. 

It is noted that they will be established in the following manner:

- 10 local higher education institutions;
- 3 foreign universities;
- 5 universities on the basis of public-private partnerships.

Training personnel on the basis of joint educational programs will be doubled.

As a result of creation of 18 new HEIs and expansion of joint educational programs, the coverage of young people with higher education will be increased to 25%.

Admission parameters for engineering-technical faculties will be increased to 28%.

Enrollment of undergraduate students in the graduate education will be increased to 10%.

In order to develop students’ practical skills based on foreign experience, the educational process in HEIs will be organized in the credit-module system and its control will be implemented through e-learning management system.

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