21:50 / 13.01.2020
Criminal liability for intentional infliction of minor bodily injury to be abolished
Photo: RIA news agency

Amendments will be introduced to the Criminal, the Criminal Procedural and Administrative Responsibility Codes of Uzbekistan.

According to the bill, the following amendments and addenda will be made to the Criminal Code:

In Part 1 of Article 66-1 (exemption from criminal liability in connection with reconciliation):

- the words of “Article 109 (intentional light bodily harm)” are excluded;

- the words “in the Part 1 & 2 of Article 140” are replaced by the words “in Part 2 of Article 140”;

- Article 109 (Intentional light bodily harm) is excluded;

- Part 1 of Article 140 (Insult) “Insult, that is, deliberate humiliation of the honor and dignity of a person in indecent form, committed after applying an administrative penalty for the same actions” is excluded.

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