12:12 / 28.01.2020
MFA comments on ongoing negotiations with Russia to improve living conditions of Uzbek migrants
Rustam Ghoziyev Photo: AIMC

Chief Secretary of the Consular-Legal Department of the Foreign Ministry, Rustam Ghoziyev, commented on the report -- which circulated the Russian mass media stating that the Government of Uzbekistan asked Russia to grant amnesty for its migrant workers -- at a news conference on January 23.

“It is true that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan is holding negotiations with the Russian side to create favorable conditions for our migrants. We have already presented number of proposals to our Russian colleagues, and they are currently being reviewed,” said the Foreign Ministry official.

Rustam Ghoziyev informed that he is not aware of whether the absolution of the deported migrants, who are no longer allowed to enter Russia due to violation of the migration law in its territory, is on the agenda of the meeting of the two foreign ministries.

However, according to him, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan is working to improve the living conditions of its citizens working abroad.

Moreover, the Foreign Ministry official commented on the possibility of extending the duration of stay of Uzbek citizens in the Russian Federation without registration.

“The are some reports on the media stating that the registration timeframe for the migrant workers, going from Uzbekistan to Russia, could be extended from 7 to 15 days.

As representative of the Consular and Legal Department, I have no exact information about it. This is because, the other agency in the Foreign Ministry, the Treaty-Law Department deals with this issue,” says Rustam Ghoziyev.

Note that according to “Коммерсантъ”, several hundred thousand citizens of Uzbekistan cannot enter Russia as they have previously violated the migration law. There are just as many violators who are afraid to leave Russia believing their re-entry into the country would not be allowed.

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