19:15 / 30.01.2020
Tashkent city khokimiyat denies rumors about presence of human bones in transported soil

Photos depicting soil with human bones, allegedly brought from a cemetery to the area of kindergarten No. 451, have recently been circulated on social networks.

According to the press service of the Tashkent khokimiyat, on the territory of the Elobod mahalla in the Mirzo-Ulugbek district there is a mosque called “Mulla Qosim”, built in close proximity to the cemetery. Due to the fact that the mosque was very small and dilapidated, construction of new mosque was planned.

The administration assured that equipment that worked at the burial sites was not involved in the construction. In addition, according to a cemetery worker and local elderly people, all work near the cemetery was carried out in the presence of relatives of those buried there.

Elder people living there and the cemetery caretaker, commenting on the incident, reported that there were no burials on the territory of the mosque itself, and there could be no human remains in the soil removed from there.

In this regard, information related to the detection of bones in the soil left near the kindergarten No. 451 was studied.

According to the chairman of the mahalla, the soil unloaded on the street indicated on the video in social networks has nothing in common with land on the territory of the former mosque. It was brought from the nearest construction sites where they dug a foundation pit. The soil was brought to improve the territory after local garages were dismantled.

“During the selective excavation of the slides in the area, no bones were found. No bones were detected when leveling the hills with the help of an excavator either,” the khokimiyat said.

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