16:29 / 01.02.2020
A 19-year-old driver commits traffic accident in Gulistan killing five people

In Gulistan, a Cobalt driver jumped on the opposite lane and collided with a Damas, which was carrying 7 passengers. The driver and 4 passengers were killed on the spot, two more were hospitalized.

Today, February 1, at 01:30, 19-year-old Sh. B. lost the control over his Cobalt car, while he was driving along block No. 4 on the Guliston Street. As a result, he jumped on the opposite lane of the road and collided with a Damas, which was being operated by 21-year-old S. M.

According to the Investigation Department, the driver of the Damas S. M., 55-year-old Sh. A., 27-year-old D. E., 27-year-old M. S. died at the scene. Another 3 people were hospitalized.

Despite the medical care provided, 24-year-old S. A. also died in the hospital. 

On the above fact, the Investigative Department of Syrdarya region opened a criminal case under Part 3, Paragraph “a” of Article 266 (violation of traffic safety rules). A preliminary investigation is underway.

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