18:58 / 24.02.2020
Interior Ministry denies rumors about acts of torture in one of the penal colonies 

On February 21, Acca.media website published an article titled “Bullying and torture continue in colonies of Uzbekistan”, which highlighted the situation in the penal colony No. 6. 

“An article criticizing the same colony was published on the above-mentioned website in January 2020, in response to which the press service of the Main Directorate for the Execution of Sentences under the Interior Ministry announced that all necessary measures had been taken to prevent the infringement of the rights and freedoms of prisoners serving the sentences, to eliminate extortion and pressure. However, despite the statements issued, discussion of the topic in various forms is still ongoing,” the Interior Ministry said

The published article reports about various torture allegedly applied against Shokhrukh Jurayev, who is currently serving his sentence. The Ministry of Internal Affairs believes that the real purpose of the publications is “to damage the authority of all institutions for the execution of sentences and to form a negative opinion among the public.”

Reportedly, the convict Jurayev was explained the conditions of serving the sentence, the rights and obligations and the fulfillment of legal requirements of the penal colony. However, despite the explanatory work carried out, the convict “refused to comply with the internal requirements and rules established in the institution, instead of complying with the duties established for the convicts, tried to provoke employees and supervisors.”

It is noted that during the preventive conversations held with Jurayev, he did not comply with legal requirements, citing his disagreement with the verdict and not admitting the crime committed. In this regard, the colony officers issued the relevant documents on violation of the order and applied disciplinary punishment.

On the basis of Article 537 of the Criminal Procedural Code, on February 4, 2020, the colony No. 6 held an off-site court with the participation of Jurayev, in which, in connection with the regular violation of the established procedure by the convicted prisoners, a petition was submitted to the Pop district court on criminal proceedings for giving a legal assessment of the collected materials.

On February 13, 2020, the Pop district court on criminal proceedings satisfied the petition and issued a ruling on the transfer of 1 year of the unserved sentence term to the prison regime.

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