17:49 / 28.02.2020

Shavkat Mirziyoyev: “If we work wisely, utility bills can be reduced by up to 50%”

Photo: Presidential press service

On February 28, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev familiarized himself with the construction of high-rise buildings in the “Avaykhon” mahalla of the capital’s Mirzo-Ulugbek district, the presidential press service reported.

Reportedly, it is planned to build 17 multi-storey buildings with 1,120 apartments. Currently, the construction of 5 houses has been completed, internal decoration work is underway. They will be commissioned in September 2020.

The head of state visited one of the apartments, took an interest in construction technology and energy efficiency of the materials used.

The external walls of the houses are finished with basalt wool, which minimizes heat loss and provides an optimal microclimate in the apartments. The President instructed to expand the use of domestic materials, reduce the cost of apartments, and allocate them to low-income families. The importance of supporting low-income families by extending loan repayment terms and providing rental housing was emphasized.

“Residents of cities are dissatisfied with the quality of utilities. There are not enough professional organizations, qualified personnel in the field of building maintenance. New facilities are being connected to the old infrastructure. Entire blocks are heated from a distant station. And if we work wisely, utility bills can be reduced by up to 50%,” the head of state said.

Instructions are given for the construction of an autonomous heating station in the new block, and the organization of a modern company for the operation and maintenance of buildings.

On the territory of the mahalla, it is planned to create several 9-, 16-story and one 25-story houses. In addition to modern requirements, the project takes into account national values and conveniences for holding various ceremonies. In addition, the residential complex will have a school, a kindergarten, recreation area, playgrounds and multi-level parking.

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