16:19 / 28.02.2020
Tanzila Narbayeva: The most difficult direction of reforms is the elimination of poverty

Tanzila Narbayeva noted reducing poverty rate in the country as one of the most difficult directions of reforms.

Tanzila Narbayeva Photo: KUN.UZ

Currently, the second plenary session of the Senate is underway. While opening the event, the Senate Chairperson Tanzila Narbayeva spoke about the issue of poverty in the country.

“For the first time in the history of Uzbekistan, the problem of poverty has been openly recognized. 4-5 million people live in poverty. The head of state also said that he is worried about whether or not people have enough money to cover their daily expenses, buy food, pay for education and medical treatment. Therefore, senators are entrusted with the task of reducing poverty. Senators should be the main initiators of actions in this direction,” Kun.uz correspondent quotes the Senate Chairperson as saying.

Tanzila Narbayeva stressed that reducing poverty in the country is the most difficult direction of reforms.

“Although our people live in poverty, they do not let others know about it, they don’t complain. They need help. The state will allocate significant funds for this, and we have to ensure that the money is spent purposefully, serving to improve the life of the poor by the end of this year, and reducing the poverty rate. All senators, as local council deputies, should compile a list of poor families in their constituencies, protect their dignity and consider the issue of training them on entrepreneurship,” she said.

Narbayeva added that the report of heads of executive bodies on the issue of poverty reduction will be heard in the Senate on a regular basis.

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