20:46 / 10.03.2020
Drivers who violate traffic rules by giving way to special services’ vehicles may be exempted from responsibility

The Legislative Chamber of Oliy Majlis is considering the draft law “On introducing amendments and addenda to the Administrative Responsibility Code of Uzbekistan”.

Photo: Ministry of Health

According to the parliamentary website, it is proposed to introduce a rule which exempts drivers, who violate traffic rules by giving way to special services’ vehicles, from responsibility.

In accordance with Article 128 of the Administrative Responsibility Code, it is also proposed to introduce a fine in the amount of ten times the BCA for the failure to give way to vehicles of emergency and special services and increase the fine mentioned in part 3 of this Article from twenty to twenty-five times the BCA.

Deputies of the responsible committee, which is studying the bill, stressed the need to improve road infrastructure before they hold drivers accountable for not giving way to special services’ vehicles.

Deputies also said it was not advisable to increase the amount of fines for such violations, and noted that the existing fines are higher than in many foreign countries.

At the moment, the committee is preparing a report, taking into account the proposals of deputies.

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