11:20 / 16.03.2020
“Entrepreneurs, who raise prices unreasonably, will be brought to liability” – Musayev

The Chairman of the State Tax Committee (STC) said that artificial rise in prices shall not be tolerated.

Photo: KUN.UZ

Kun.uz correspondent interviewed the STC chairman Bekhzod Musayev to get answers to a number of questions raised by the population on the occasion of coronavirus penetration into Uzbekistan.

“Some entrepreneurs may think of taking advantage of the opportunity. Such entrepreneurs are monitored very thoroughly. We will set up a tax control and tax monitoring on the revenue generated by unreasonable price increases,” Musayev said.

 He stressed that entrepreneurs, who artificially raise the price, will be brought to liability.

“The Prime Minister has made it clear that such entrepreneurs will be prosecuted.

He raised one question: How should a true entrepreneur behave at this time? A truly patriotic entrepreneur is a person who understands the people and does not change the price, is able to deliver more products into the market, prevent panic.

We would like to reiterate one thing – our consumers, the Uzbek people, should not panic, there is no need to be alarmed.

The tax authorities have full control. The prosecutor’s office and tax authorities will jointly create working groups to carry out surveillance activities and raids in each dehkan market and business entity.

What is the main purpose of this? There should be no difference between yesterday’s price and today’s price,” he said.