08:34 / 18.03.2020
Uzbekistan announces March 23 as non-business day

On the occasion of the Navruz holiday, employees of government organizations will have three days of rest in a row.

In accordance with the presidential decree, March 23 will be an additional day off.

March 21 is Saturday, so the employees who work 5 days a week, and those who work 6 days a week, will have 3 days off in succession.

March 21 - Saturday (Navruz holiday);

March 22 - Sunday (day off);

March 23 - Monday (additional day off).

In accordance with Article 121 of the Labor Code, the duration of work (shift) on Friday, March 20 should be reduced at least by an hour for all employees.

Quarantine due to coronavirus has no effect on the duration of the holidays.