12:43 / 06.04.2020
Sodiq Safoyev believes coronavirus can do more damage than World War II

If timely measures are not taken, then the coronavirus pandemic can do more damage than World War II, Sodiq Safoyev, First Deputy Chairman of the Senate of Oliy Majlis, said.

Photo: IPC

“If we do not take timely action, the damage can be far greater than the one caused by the Second World War,” the International Press Club quotes the senator as saying.

Safoyev emphasized that the fight against coronavirus is a serious matter. “Our fight must be at a high level,” he said.

“Today, no matter how much we talk about the problem, this will not be enough. The situation is really serious. It is observed not only in Uzbekistan but throughout the world. The government of Uzbekistan has taken all the necessary measures and is doing its best. The government allocated 2-3 times more funds to fight the coronavirus than even some rich countries,” Safoyev said.

“I want to tell our citizens that today we need to be vigilant and brave. We should become more demanding of our family members and the neighborhood. We will certainly overcome this crisis,” he added.