14:17 / 09.04.2020
“There is no turmoil and panic” – Andrei Kanchelskis speaks about quarantine in Uzbekistan

Former midfielder of the Russian national team and Manchester United, chief coach of the FC Navbahor Andrei Kanchelskis told about the quarantine regime in Uzbekistan introduced to prevent the spread of the coronavirus infection in the country.

Photo: tribuna.uz

“The number of infected people is slowly growing every day, the lethal outcome has been fixed so far. But here everything is strict. Ten days ago they introduced fines for going out without a mask. Therefore, we are quarantined, trying to stay in shape at home. Everyone is waiting for further decisions on the championship, but no news so far, silence. The quarantine in the city will last until April 20. If the number of sick people is increased, then the quarantine will be prolonged,” Kanchelskis said in an interview with the “Sport24” correspondent Pavel Gurevich.

“You can go out if necessary, but only in a mask and gloves. They don’t ask where you are going and why. The main thing is that you should wear a mask, the rest is not important. There are a few people on the street. Departure from the city to regions is closed, this is very strict. There are enough products in the store, markets are open. There are no problems in this regard. There is no turmoil and panic. Everyone is waiting for what will happen next.

Therefore, we are sitting at home, like the whole world, watching the Belarusian championship. This is better than doing nothing. I observe with interest, whether I like it or not, it is secondary. The main thing is that it is broadcast live. There are pretty good games.

Did I try to get home? Of course, I wanted to go to Russia. But I decided to stay here, be with the team and support the players. When we were allowed, we conducted trainings. Now everything is on its own. I consider the decision to stay at home right,” the former MU player said.