12:31 / 11.04.2020
First platform for conducting e-tenders to appear in Uzbekistan 
Photo: Shutterstock

Ministry of Finance is launching the country’s first digital platform for electronic tenders and public procurement, the press service of the Finance Ministry reported.

It is noted that public procurement is not only an instrument of economic regulation but also an important factor in the development of business, attracting investments and ensuring transparency in the use of budget funds.

In order to ensure the targeted spending of funds and increase the efficiency of their use, from April 2020, a phased implementation of the electronic form of procedures for tendering and competitive bidding in the field of public procurement is planned.

Under the Ministry of Finance, a new electronic public procurement operator “XT - XARID TEXNOLOGIYALARI” has been organized in the form of a joint venture, and an information system has been developed for conducting an e-tender for budget and corporate procurement.

The system serves to competitive and tender bidding using the point method and the lowest price method. Customers are given the opportunity to independently choose one of the two recognized assessment methods in the world, determine the criteria by which the proposals of the applicants will be evaluated. Criteria based on quantitative indicators (number of specialists, work experience on the market, price, delivery time, etc.) will be evaluated by the system automatically, without involving human resources. Qualitative (expert) criteria will be evaluated by members of the tender commission, who will be able to work remotely.

Particular importance in the development of the system was paid to ensuring transparency and competition in tenders, combating corruption, conflicts of interest and other offenses.

The central portal of public procurement, which is the main platform of the system, is available through the address xarid.mf.uz, along with a special system for conducting e-tenders tender.mf.uz.

Currently, the Ministry of Finance is developing a schedule for the phased conversion of tender and competitive bidding by all budget and corporate customers into electronic form.