13:53 / 14.04.2020
Uzkomnazorat warns citizens of scammers, who try to misappropriate funds by sending fake SMS during quarantine 

During the quarantine period, fraudsters are trying in every possible way to use the self-isolation regime for citizens, who are concerned about the coronavirus pandemic, misleading them using various methods and SMS notifications, Uzkomnazorat reported.

Photo: Getty Images

There are cases when citizens receive SMS messages containing a specific date or geographic location coordinates with the text “You have violated the quarantine rule and must pay a fine of five BCAs in accordance with Article 54 of the Administrative Responsibility Code”. 

Also, the SMS message mentions that it is possible to pay this fine without leaving home and a special plastic card number is indicated for the subsequent transfer of funds.

The state inspectorate Uzkomnazorat asks citizens not to succumb to such fake mails, when receiving SMS messages and phone calls, not to inform strangers of any personal and important information. 

“If you encounter such cases, immediately contact law enforcement bodies by calling a short number 102,” Uzkomnazorat said.