21:30 / 15.04.2020
Central Bank denies rumors about introducing restrictions on currency exchange

The Central Bank of Uzbekistan has no plans to introduce restrictions on the purchase and sale of foreign currency, Central Bank Chairman Mamarizo Nurmuratov said.

Photo: Uzreport TV

“In recent days, we have seen reports on social networks that restrictions on the purchase and sale of currencies are planned. I want to inform the whole population that no restrictions will be introduced,” he said at a press conference on April 15.

The head of the Central Bank emphasized that the demand for exchange services from the population remains at a high level. So, according to him, in March, the population acquired $13.3 million, and this amount increased significantly, reaching $22 million by April 13.

“The same trend is observed on the currency exchange. If the average daily demand from legal entities in March was $37.5 million, starting from April 10, the average demand increased by 30%,” Nurmuratov added.

Today, the Central Bank has established new foreign exchange rates, which will come into force from April 16.

According to the regulator, the US dollar increased in value by 427.64 soums and now costs 10,121 soums. In addition, the euro also rose in price by 512.16 soums and reached the mark of 11,111.85 soums. The Russian ruble also showed a slight increase – its value is 138.69 soums now, which is 7.26 soums higher than previously.

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