14:58 / 17.04.2020
STC decides to cut salaries of its employees due to coronavirus pandemic

The State Tax Committee (STC) announced the launch of a campaign to reduce the salaries of employees under the pandemic condition.

Photo: STC

“Today, each of us is confused because of such a rapid spread of coronavirus infection in our country. We all want to quickly end this pandemic. We live in a large and friendly country. There are over 34 million people in Uzbekistan. 2 years ago, due to the state support, the official salaries of employees of the State Tax Committee were increased by 1.7 times. Today, at such a difficult time in the homeland, tax officials are ready to help and reimburse. We understand that there are people in the country, who are much more vulnerable to overcome this period than we, employees of state institutions do,” Evgeny Makhmudov, the chairman of the trade union committee at the STC, said.

According to him, the majority of tax officials, who are paid more than 4 million soums per month, reacted to the recommendation to reduce their salaries with understanding and solidarity.

“We believe that the reduction in wages of government employees is a fair and important step towards optimizing state budget expenditures. We do not want to stay unconcerned. Indeed, the inner conscience of a person and the maturity of the whole society are manifested in such a difficult time,” Makhmudov concluded.