11:15 / 24.04.2020
Police department of Tashkent announces crime statistics for the quarantine period

The presence of law enforcement officers from different agencies in each mahalla of the city, as well as the high level of consciousness of citizens complying with the requirements of self-isolation regime, have contributed to a significant decrease in the number of crimes since the beginning of quarantine. This was reported by the press service of the Central Internal Affairs Department of Tashkent.

For example, 522 crimes were recorded in April 2019, whereas in 20 days of April 2020 – only 196.

Moreover, the decrease is observed both for serious (111 in April last year, compared to 37 in the 20 days of April 2020), and especially serious (30 in April 2019, and 4 in the 20 days of April of this year) crimes.

The number of crimes such as fraud (93 - in April 2019, 44 - 20 days of 2020), causing bodily injury, both serious (6 - April 2019, 4 - 20 days of April 2020) and light (13 - April 2019, 5 - 20 days of 2020), has reduced considerably. Other crimes related to the illicit trafficking of narcotic drugs, their analogues and psychotropic substances has also undergone decline (49 - April 2019, 13 - 20 days April 2020).

There were 3 fatal accidents recorded during the first 20 days of April 2020 – significantly less than there were in April last year (10 accidents).

No vehicle theft occurred this month so far. Last year in April however, 3 cases were recorded.

For 20 days of this year, not a single robbery assault occurred, compared to single case in April last year.

The number of robberies halved compared to last year trend (3 – 2020 and 6 – 2019).