13:49 / 25.04.2020
Uzbekistan permits some businesses to resume activities (list)

The Special Republican Commission to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic has taken a decision to allow some trades to resume operations.

Photo: KUN.UZ

These are:

- business entities, in particular markets, engaged in the retail and wholesale of building materials (area of at least 500 sq.m.);

- specialized stores of large manufacturers, where goods of own production are sold (sanitary norm - 10 sq.m. for each buyer);

- artisans and craftsmen. Sale of products is allowed in specialized stores (not in the market);

- business entities that sell seeds and seedlings (regardless of ownership);

- points of commercial banks (cash desks);

- business entities that sell auto parts (regardless of ownership);

- car services and entities that provide services to agro- and construction machinery (area of at least 1,000 sq.m.);

- dry cleaners;

- notary offices and insurance companies;

- subjects in which investment projects and construction work in social projects were suspended.

The Special Commission also developed special requirements.

In particular, the territory of the organization and construction sites should be closed so that unauthorized persons do not enter there. Responsible persons must also ensure the protection of facilities.

Employees should undergo temperature screening at least twice a day. If someone has a high fever, dry cough and similar symptoms, then necessary measures must be taken.

All employees must wear a mask and gloves, and it is also desirable to communicate with each other via the Internet (instant messengers, etc.)

Provide employees with food products by the delivery method and organize for them a special room for eating, a dormitory and transport.

If an employee feels unwell, they must call - 103.

In addition, visitors must comply with the requirements of social distancing.

The Commission recalled that the leaders of the above entities are responsible for their employees.