20:32 / 28.04.2020
Gas supply to more than 110 thousand houses restored 

Earlier it was reported that due to the storm on the night of April 27 in Bukhara, Navoi and Samarkand regions, gas pipelines and other objects of the gas supply system suffered serious damage. As a result, over 138 thousand houses were temporarily disconnected from the gas supply system.

According to JSC Khududgaztaminot, gas supply resumed during the day in Samarkand, Navoi regions, in the city of Bukhara and some areas of the Bukhara region. 

In particular, in order to prevent emergency situations, gas supply from the Shirin gas distribution station (GDS) in the Bayaut district, Syrdarya region was suspended. Gas supply from the GDS was soon restored, which allowed almost immediately to resume the work. 

Gas supply was resumed in 141 houses in Kattakurgan, Pakhtachi, Ishtikhan, Narpay districts of the Samarkand region. Four emergency repair teams arrived at the scene to repair the damages on low-pressure gas pipelines resulting from the fall of trees and branches. In the morning, specialists from Khududgaz Samarkand LLC completed work to restore gas supply in four districts.

Khududgaz Navoi LLC formed 15 emergency repair teams to repair damage to low and medium pressure gas pipelines in Navoi, Konimekh, Navbahor, Kiziltepa, Karmana districts of the Navoi region. By the evening of April 28, more than 21 thousand houses were again connected to the gas supply system.

Repair and restoration work has been completed in Bukhara, Kagan, Romitan, Peshku, Gijduvan, Shafirkan, Karaulbazar, Vabkent districts of the Bukhara region. 44 emergency repair teams, formed by Khududgaz Bukhara LLC, have repaired the damage and resumed gas supply for more than 90 thousand houses in cities and districts of the region. 

Repair and restoration work in Olot, Jondor and Karakul districts of the Bukhara region will soon be completed.