16:24 / 01.05.2020
Inflation rate in Uzbekistan for April announced

In April 2020, the average monthly growth rate of consumer prices and tariffs was 1.7%.

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According to the State Statistics Committee, in January-April 2020, prices and tariffs in the consumer market rose by an average of 4.4%. In the annual period (compared to April 2019), the average growth rate of prices for goods and services was 14.5%.

In April 2019, prices for goods and services rose by an average of 0.9% during the month. In January-April 2019, goods and services rose in price by an average of 5.3%. In April 2019, prices for goods and services increased by an average of 13.7% compared to April 2018.

According to the calculation of the average monthly INI growth, in January-April 2020, this figure was 1.1%, and in the same period of 2019 - 1.3%.

Compared to December of the previous year, the large difference between the total consumer price index (CPI) figures for January-April 2019 and 2020 was recorded in February (103.1% vs. 101.4% respectively, or 1.7 points), and the minimum level was in April (105.3% vs. 104.5%, or 0.8 percentage points).

In April 2020, the annual total CPI increased by 0.9 points compared to the same period last month (from 114.5% to 113.6%). At the same time, the result in April 2020 compared to April last year was higher by 0.8 points than the same figure in 2019 (114.5% vs. 113.7%).

According to changes in prices across large groups, the lead in price and tariff increases was for food products, as in the previous months. In April this year, foodstuff prices rose by 3.3%, non-food prices – by 0.7% and services – by 0.3%.

In general, during the first four months of 2020, the level of foodstuff prices increased by 7.7%, non-food products – by 2.4%, services – by 1.8%.