12:48 / 05.05.2020
President instructs to introduce energy-saving technologies in construction of multi-story buildings

On May 4, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev held a meeting on the issues of improving efficiency in the fuel and energy industry and optimizing the energy consumption, the presidential press service reported.

At the meeting, issues of reducing energy consumption by 2-2.5 times in the coming years were discussed.

The need for adapting manufactured agricultural machinery and trucks to gas was noted. By the end of this year, 3 units of propane-butane mixture and a plant for production of synthetic fuel (GTL) will be commissioned. As a result, imports of jet fuel, diesel and liquefied natural gas will be completely replaced.

The President gave instructions on the widespread use of energy-saving technologies in the development and construction of multi-story buildings, and on attracting foreign investment to improve the energy efficiency of social facilities.

In the course of analysis of energy consumption in the industry, the task was set to develop a program of measures to improve energy efficiency in the context of spheres and industries. 

The need to study the energy efficiency of 285 large industrial enterprises with the involvement of international energy audit organizations, as well as to reduce electricity tariffs for entrepreneurs who organized work in three shifts was noted.

Instructions were given on stimulating the use of renewable energy sources, reviewing legislation and creating additional conditions for consumers based on world experience. Issues related to attracting direct investment in the industry, the construction of solar photovoltaic and wind power plants in the regions were considered.

Implementation of an automated system for accounting and control of electricity and natural gas consumption was also discussed.

Taking into account the lack of funds at the enterprises of the fuel and energy complex due to quarantine, measures have been identified for providing them with financial support and increasing working capital.