16:56 / 15.05.2020
Tashkent plans to introduce a new system of e-tickets for public transportation

With the cooperation of the Center for the Study of Transport and Logistics Development Issues under the Transport Ministry, the Tashkent Transport Department and the JSC Toshshakhartranskhizmat, work is ongoing to coordinate the capital’s ground passenger transport routes. 

Photo: KUN.UZ

In this process, the focus is on connecting bus routes to metro stations, creating a network of trunk routes and ancillary routes that deliver passengers to them, Toshshakhartranskhizmat reported.

The purpose of these changes is to minimize the number of other routes on the streets where the main routes pass. This will serve to eliminate unnecessary routes and ensure the regularity of traffic. It will also drastically reduce traffic intervals and prevent unnecessary waste of time for passengers.

In the process of optimization, it is planned to attach buses of large capacity to the main and central city routes, and buses of medium and small capacity to auxiliary and suburban routes depending on the flow of passengers.

“In the process of such changes, it is necessary to improve and develop an automated fare payment system. With this in mind, a draft government decree on the introduction of 3-, 7-, 15-day e-tickets was prepared. As a result of the implementation of the decision, passengers will not have to spend extra money on transitions from one route to another,” the organization said.