22:10 / 16.05.2020
Tashkent Zoo welcomes visitors

Tashkent Zoo announced that it resumed its work from May 16 complying with all sanitary requirements.

“We welcome you and your children as our zoo opens its doors to visitors,” said the administration earlier Friday.

Entrance to the zoo has the following restrictions:

1) entry is only possible for groups of not more than 2 people (except for family groups);

2) entry and stay at the zoo without medical masks is prohibited;

3) entry without an initial medical examination is prohibited;

4) the congestion of visitors is prohibited, social distance of 2 meters must be observed;

5) it is recommended to avoid close tactile contacts (shaking hands, etc.);

6) if during the initial medical examination the visitor’s body temperature exceeds 36.8 degrees (in case of a controversial situation, measurements are repeated), the visitor is not allowed to enter the zoo, his personal data is recorded and it is recommended to contact medical institutions.

Attractions, entertainment and fast food stations are prohibited in the zoo until further notice.