11:00 / 03.06.2020
“2,390 houses were completely destroyed in the Sardoba tragedy” – Ministry of Construction

At a briefing held at the AIMC staff on June 2, the press secretary of the Construction Ministry Jamoliddin Kalandarov spoke about the damage caused to the population’s houses as a result of the dam breakthrough at the Sardoba reservoir.

According to Kalandarov, a total of 4,435 houses were damaged, of which 2,390 are unusable and 2,045 are in repair.

“Currently, 1,814 houses are being repaired: 494 – in the Sardoba district, 668 – in the Akaltin district and 652 – in the Mirzaabad district.

The contractors are almost done with roofing, installing frames, windows and doors, flooring, completing electrical work, plumbing and heating, interior and exterior decoration, exterior walls and landscaping,” Jamoliddin Kalandarov said.

It was reported that a total of 8.4 billion soums will be required for the repair of apartment buildings, restoration and beautification of their adjacent areas. In particular, 4.6 billion soums will be spent on repairing houses and 3.8 billion soums – on beautification works.