13:43 / 03.06.2020
Consumer Rights Protection Agency accused Beeline of violating the constitutional rights of subscribers 

Consumer Rights Protection Agencies studied terms and conditions for the provision of Internet package services by Beeline (Unitel LLC) to its subscribers. 

In the course of studying the company’s public offer, it was identified that there is a text with the following content in the section of Internet packages “Super Oy” “Terms of connection and provision”: “When each time a subscriber requests to connect Internet packages “Super Oy”, the system analyzes the subscriber’s Internet costs for the last 90 days to determine the maximum value of expenses for 30 days (the text is given on the official website https://beeline.uz/)  

“After that, the subscriber is offered only those “Super Oy” packages for connection, the cost of which will be higher or equal to the set maximum value of the subscriber’s Internet expenses for 30 days. And packages costing less than the maximum value of the subscriber’s expenses on the Internet will not be available,” the agency noted.

When a subscriber tries to connect an unavailable “Super Oy” Internet package, he will receive an SMS notification with a list of “Super Oy” packages available for connection. 

“The question arises, why the subscriber cannot use packages at a lower cost? It turns out that the subscriber is limited in freedom of choice, that is, you can choose more expensive package, but there is no cheaper one,” the message reads.

Depending on the costs of the subscriber, tariffs are offered at different prices.

“Based on the foregoing, it is clearly seen that Unitel LLC, in order to maximize profits, is imposing services in a compulsory manner, which is illegal, because subscribers cannot choose an Internet package for use at their own discretion,” the message says.

“This can be seen as an action restricting the freedom of choice of the services provided, which is a gross violation of the constitutional and personal rights of citizens,” the agency emphasized.

The company’s actions violate the requirements of articles 4 and 21 of the law “On the protection of consumer rights”.

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