23:40 / 10.06.2020
Beeline denies accusations by Consumer Rights Protection Agency
Photo: Beeline

Beeline commented on the statement of the Agency for the Protection of Consumer Rights about the company’s Internet services, which “violate citizens’ constitutional rights”.

The Agency previously reported that while monitoring the company’s actions it had identified violations of the requirements provided for in Article 4 of the Law “On the Protection of Consumer Rights”, which stipulates the free choice of proper quality goods (work, services), as well as Article 21 of the Law, where it is stated that the terms of the contract, which infringe the consumer’s rights and are contrary to the law, are invalidated.

“Publication of this kind is an unfounded accusation. We believe that the officials of the Agency hastily studied the procedure of providing “Internet-packages”, and we did not receive any explanation for placing such emotional and incorrect conclusions,” the company comments.

In addition, the official statement of Beeline Uzbekistan states: “It is not clear what exactly the Agency’s staff saw as a violation of the constitutional rights of subscribers in the provision of services by a commercial business entity that offers users a wide range of Internet packages for independent connectivity. Any of the 6 categories of Internet packages can be selected by consumers without any imposition and compulsion, just like any other services of the company.”

They stressed that the publication of such information “damages the business reputation of the international company, violates its rights and legitimate interests.”

“All these comments and clarifications, as well as the corresponding requirements, are reflected in the official letter of Beeline Uzbekistan sent to the Consumer Rights Protection Agency of the Antimonopoly Committee. Beeline hopes that this case will be studied more carefully and a fair decision will be made on it”, the company added.

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