20:02 / 20.06.2020
Tourists infected with coronavirus in Uzbekistan to receive $3,000 compensation

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on additional measures for the development of the tourism industry, strictly complying with sanitary-epidemiological requirements.

It should be noted that the country has recently introduced the “Uzbekistan – Safe Travel Guaranteed” system, which will become a sort of airbag for foreign tourists.

“If a foreign tourist is infected with a coronavirus, he will receive $3,000 as compensation. A similar practice is widely used in many countries of the world,” the Uzbekistan 24 TV channel informs.

It is noted that tour operators can provide services to foreign tourists during the period of quarantine only in the facilities which are included in the “Uzbekistan – Safe Travel Guaranteed” system. The Head of Government is responsible for the administration of the Governing Board of Tourist Zones.