16:25 / 10.07.2020
Deputy Minister of Health comments on the incident in Urtasaray

A video was posted on social networks where one can see the discontent of persons held in the “Urtasaray” quarantine complex, located in the Yukorichirchik district of the Tashkent region.

The author of the video says that people have been held in the “Urtasaray” quarantine complex for 17 days. The established period of their stay has already come to an end, but they are not allowed to go home.

“We arrived here on June 20. Today is the 18th day since we have arrived here. No one has fed us since yesterday’s lunchtime. We and our children are hungry. When will we leave here? Who can I meet?” one of the women, who kicks the gate of the institution, says on the video.

The author of the video stressed that no one answers the questions of citizens held in quarantine.

Kun.uz correspondent contacted the Deputy Minister of Health Ulugbek Sobirov and asked for a comment.

“At the moment, I am in the “Urtasaray” quarantine complex. This facility is one of the best quarantine zones in Uzbekistan, where people are brought from epidemiologically not favorable regions. The food here is good and distributed on time.

We live in a pandemic period, and keep here people who have arrived from abroad or who are suspected of contracting the coronavirus infection. So that the epidemic does not spread throughout the republic. We timely isolate these people from the rest, carry out diagnostics and take measures for recovery.

We do everything necessary from an epidemiological point of view so that the disease does not spread. Four people live in one room, and if one of them has a disease, he will be immediately transferred to another place. Naturally, the quarantine for the remaining three people will be slightly extended. We are forced to do this to make sure that they are not infected with the disease.

Ulugbek Sobirov
Photo: dermatology.ru

But citizens have no patience. They do not like the quarantine period being extended. Some are scandalous. This video, distributed on social networks, was shot precisely in connection with this. But, what is said in the video – people have been starving for two days already and they are not given food – is not true. The conditions are good here, there is air conditioning, TV, a bathroom in each room, that is, the conditions are the same as at home.

Until now, the quarantine period was 14 days, and by the decision of the Special Commission, it was reduced to 10 days. True, it is not easy for people here. They watch TV for one or two days, and then they get bored. But what to do if we are in the pandemic period. The main thing is that they are well-fed, and their health is in good hands. The state is doing everything for this,” Kun.uz correspondent quotes Ulugbek Sobirov as saying.

It should be reminded that the “Urtasaray” quarantine zone, created on the territory of 55 hectares, is designed for 20,800 seats. In special isolation rooms, treatment and prophylaxis are carried out for four people. The premises are equipped with the necessary medical equipment and sanitary facilities. In addition, canteens, a laboratory, housing for medical workers, intensive care units and special premises for quarantine were created in the complex. The facility, consisting of 3,467 containers, is connected to electricity, supplied with hot and cold water, and other communication networks.