12:18 / 10.07.2020
“There are enough beds in hospitals for now, but the situation may get worse” – Khabibullo Okilov

On July 9, at a briefing held at the AIMC, Khabibullo Okilov, a member of the staff under the Health Ministry, commented on the widespread opinion on social media about the lack of beds and medicines for coronavirus patients in hospitals.

“After Wednesday’s briefing, there was a wide discussion on social media. While some citizens understand the strict quarantine requirement correctly, some are skeptical about the situation. Many have noted that in previous briefings I had said medications and beds in hospitals are enough to satisfy the needs. And a day later I reported that the situation was getting worse.

I can tell them that I do not deny what I said before. The government is supplying beds, medicines. No problem with the supply.

But if the quarantine requirements are not met, the situation is likely to worsen. We want to explain to citizens that if the current daily statistics are repeated, the healthcare system will not be able to cope with the situation. We also have to take strict measures to avoid falling into a difficult situation like our neighboring countries and other foreign states,” Kun.uz correspondent quoted Okilov as saying.

Chief State Sanitary Inspector Nurmat Otabekov answered the question when it is possible to overcome the first wave of coronavirus in the country.

“There has to be an epidemic process for any kind of infectious disease to spread. There are three links to this: the source of the disease, the possible ways of transmission, and a person infected. Without any of the 3 links, the disease is not transmitted from person to person. So, our task is to break these links.

When the disease stops being registered, if no cases are identified, only then can we conclude that we are a little bit away from the first wave,” Otabekov said.

It should be recalled that at a briefing on July 8, Khabibulla Okilov spoke about the situation in hospitals and warned that collapse could occur if the number of daily infection cases exceed 1,000.