21:45 / 24.07.2020
Salaries of judges and judicial staff set to increase

President Shavkat Mirziyoyev signed a decree on additional measures to further improve the work of the courts and increase the efficiency of the judicial system.

Photo: Getty Images

According to the document, a new standard will be introduced into the judicial system through the abolition of red tape.

In particular:

• the institute of judicial review will be abolished;
• the practice of hearing cases in one court in two stages (first and appellate or cassation) will be abolished.

Practice shows that in 2019 alone, about 13,000 cases heard in the first regional court and in the appellate (cassation) instance were amended or annulled by the Supreme Court.

In accordance with the decree, the Ministry of Finance has been instructed to transfer the material support of judges and staff of the judiciary to the full state budget from January 1, 2021, and prepare proposals to increase their salaries.