23:00 / 26.07.2020

Deputy PM apologized to the population and entrepreneurs for the inconvenience caused by extension of lockdown

Deputy Prime Minister for Social Affairs Behzod Musayev apologized for causing inconvenience to the population as a result of the extension of the quarantine period.

“In the beginning, the disease proceeded in a mild form, but now we all see that it is becoming more severe. More than 80 percent of patients are treated at home because the capacity of medical institutions is insufficient, there are not enough seats. Healthcare professionals are working hard.

First of all, I would want to express my apologies. Because as a result of the compulsory introduction of quarantine measures, we are forced to create inconveniences for some segments of the population. We must apologize for the fact that we are forced to temporarily suspend the movement of transport, the restoration of work activities and the work of entrepreneurs in markets. But we just have to do it.

Our ultimate goal now is to maintain the health of the population. We must do our best for this. Moreover, we must not be just spectators, we must take care of ourselves. If we are careful, wear masks, maintain social distance, temporarily abandon some rituals and local customs, we can save our people from this scourge.

People ask: “If my loved ones or I get sick, then how do we get to the medical facility?” In this regard, there are no restrictions. Employees of the National Guard and the DIA will understand the situation correctly. If we now be patient and refrain from certain activities, then, first of all, we will prevent the disease. And then there will be opportunities to restore everything.

The extension of the quarantine period will allow creating a treatment system, importing the necessary medical equipment, preserving a reserve of medicines,” Musayev said in an interview with the TV channel Uzbekistan 24.

It should be recalled that by the decision of the Special Republican Commission, the quarantine restrictions introduced in the country have been extended until August 15 this year.