20:52 / 27.07.2020
JSC Uzbekoziqovqatholding to be terminated

Additional measures will be taken to improve the management system of the food industry in the republic.

Photo: UzA

The draft presidential resolution “On additional measures to improve the management system of the food industry of the Republic of Uzbekistan” has been published for discussion.

In the structure of the Ministry of Agriculture, the Department of Food Industry Development will be established with a limited number of management staff - 31 units.

The position of Deputy Minister of Agriculture – head of the Department for Food Industry Development will be introduced in the structure of the central office of the Agriculture Ministry.

Proposals of the Ministry of Economic Development and Poverty Reduction, the Ministry of Finance, the State Assets Management Agency and the JSC Uzbekoziqovqatholding on the followings will be approved:

- termination of JSC Uzbekoziqovqatholding;

- transfer of the remaining funds of the Fund for Development, Reconstruction and Modernization of Food Industry Enterprises of Uzbekoziqovqatholding to the Fund upon completion of termination.

The Ministry of Finance will ensure the timely repayment of loans, which are attracted with a government guarantee in order to organize modern trade and logistics centers, freezing facilities for storage and processing of fruits and vegetables, of the liquidated Uzbekoziqovqatholding to international financial institutions and foreign banks. 

State shares (stakes) in the charter funds of enterprises and organizations that are part of the joint-stock company are transferred free of charge to the State Assets Management Agency at book value.

At the same time, the share of Uzbekoziqovqatholding in the charter capital of JSCB Uzagroexportbank and JSCB Agrobank will be transferred to the Ministry of Finance.