21:58 / 01.08.2020
Ministry of Justice: Officials of khokimiyats are not allowed to drive private cars without a special sticker during the lockdown

During the regular briefing, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Justice Sevara Urinbayeva answered questions from the public.

Photo: KUN.UZ

Several individuals reported that they had seen city or district officials driving their private cars in the time frame when the movement of vehicles is prohibited.

“Due to the lockdown in the country, citizens without special permits should use their vehicles at prescribed times only,” Urinbayeva said.

In other cases, it is only possible to drive a vehicle when you have a special permit (sticker) previously issued by the Public Services Centre of the Ministry of Justice, or if your case is indicated in the list of cases where a special permit is not required.

“Personal cars of government officials are not included in this list,” the representative of the Ministry said.