18:22 / 05.08.2020
State Tax Committee: More than 40% of the installed online cash registers are not being used

Currently, almost 34 thousand online cash register machines and virtual cash registers are installed in retail outlets across Uzbekistan. However, 14,128 of them are not being used, the press service of the State Tax Committee reports. 

“More than 40% of business entities, ignoring the current legislation, do not use cash register machines or virtual cash registers, even having installed them. This is a gross violation of consumer rights because Article 10 of the Law “On protection of consumer rights” establishes the form and procedure for payment for goods (works, services), and it also states that “when making a purchase and sale, the consumer is issued a cash or sales receipt. The sale of goods without issuing a cash register or sales receipt is prohibited,” the press service noted.

Consumers should be issued checks of an online cash register or virtual cash register (Article 5 of the presidential decree PQ-5813 “On measures to implement modern information technologies in the settlement system in the field of trade and the provision of services, as well as strengthening public control in this area” of 06.09.2019).

In the context of regions, the indicator of business entities that do not use online cash register machines or virtual cash registers (in percentage points) is as follows: Republic of Karakalpakstan – 34.2%, Andijan region – 53.6%, Bukhara region – 51.9%, Jizzakh region – 40%, Kashkadarya region – 21.5%, Navoi region – 25.2%, Namangan region – 43.1%, Samarkand region – 62.4%, Surkhandarya region – 44.6%, Syrdarya region – 39.4%, Tashkent region – 47.4%, Fergana region – 37.3%, Khorezm region – 22.5%, Tashkent city – 42.5%.