11:31 / 22.08.2020

Payment for public services becomes fully transparent

From now on, citizens will receive a text message confirming the amount of payment for each public service provided by the public services centers.

The Public Services Agency reported that this innovation would prevent corruption and ensure greater transparency in the public services system.

Citizens will receive a text message on the amount of fee for each service of the public services centers.

The text messages will be sent in two languages: Uzbek or Russian, at the citizen’s choice. The message will specify the invoice number and the amount of the payment.

“With the help of this novelty, we try to eliminate corruption and ensure transparency,” the deputy director of the agency Numon Muhammadiyev told Kun.uz correspondent.

The press service of the agency informs that the introduction of the SMS-alert function for the Civil Registry and business services will also be introduced soon.

Payment for services provided by public services centers can be made through mobile applications of banks, as well as other applications such as Click, Payme, Upay, Paynet, Uzcard, Oson, Websum.