19:57 / 28.08.2020
Mirziyoyev warns officials of criminal liability for hiding real data on coronavirus cases

At a video conference on Friday, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev warned all leaders about the inadmissibility of hiding data on coronavirus, the presidential press service reported.

Photo: Presidential press service

Mirziyoyev noted that an average of 370 new infection cases per day were detected this week, and in the current easing of quarantine requirements, this figure will be considered a “benchmark”.

The President warned all leaders about the inadmissibility of hiding data. Such attempts will entail liability, including a criminal one, the press service noted.

“Prevention of infection depends, first of all, on our attention to ourselves, our health, the atmosphere in our family. If all of us, the whole society, adhere to hygiene rules, medical protection and keep the social distance, we can break the chain of its spread,” Mirziyoyev said.