19:17 / 18.09.2020
What is the probability of disease outbreak in the autumn-winter period? Nurmat Otabekov answers

At a briefing on September 18, Anti-Coronavirus Staff member Nurmat Otabekov answered the question of whether or not the number of coronavirus infection cases may increase in the country in the autumn-winter period.

“The autumn-winter season is a period of outbreak of influenza, parainfluenza and acute respiratory diseases.

The coronavirus pathogen also “loves” humid and low temperatures. Like all viruses, hot and dry air is uncomfortable for the coronavirus pathogen, and under such conditions, the virus can die quickly.

There are concepts of antagonism and synergism that are specific to the life of microorganisms.

If the human respiratory virus and coronavirus are antagonistic to each other, then we can observe a different epidemic situation.

But in any case, it would be correct to predict that the number of infection cases will increase during this period of the year,” Otabekov said.