19:52 / 29.09.2020
“The investigation did not find any proof that his diploma was forged” – Azamat Akbarov returning to the University of Tourism

Azamat Akbarov, the first vice-rector of the Silk Road International University of Tourism in Samarkand, was fired earlier this year after his Ph.D. degree was found, supposedly, to be fake. As the university’s rector is Deputy Prime Minister Aziz Abdukhakimov, these incidents around Azamat Akbarov, who was in charge of managing the university in practice, caused a heated discussion.

Today, September 29, the University published on its website a statement refuting reports that the diploma of Azamat Akbarov was forged. It says Akbarov resigned on his own will, not because his diploma was found, supposedly, to be fake. 

The investigation did not find any proof that Akbarov’s diploma was forged, the report adds.

“In January 2020, the media published articles that Azamat Akbarov was dismissed because his diploma was found to be forged. However, his employment contract was terminated at his own request.

The allegations have not been substantiated during the investigation conducted by the competent authorities and the criminal case has been terminated today.

It should be noted that during the tenure of Azamat Akbarov at the Silk Road International University of Tourism, a number of positive steps have been taken to organize the activities of the university in accordance with international standards, to further enhance its prestige,” the statement reads.

Kun.uz correspondent contacted Azamat Akbarov. He said he is expected to return to the university and has received a relevant offer.

Representatives of the University of Tourism, however, did not confirm the information that Akbarov is returning to work. They also did not explain why the refutation was announced 8 months later.