23:05 / 06.10.2020
New details on the Sardoba case announced

It should be recalled that on May 1, Sardoba Reservoir in the Syrdarya region suffered a dam breakthrough, as a result, residential settlements, communication networks and agricultural lands were damaged. On this fact, a criminal case has been initiated under articles 207 and 258 of the Criminal Code, 17 people have been attracted as defendants. 

At the October 6 press conference, Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency Akmal Burkhonov briefed about the ongoing investigation launched into the case.

“Currently, a criminal case has been initiated against 17 people, including a group of officials from Syrdarya Suv Qurilish Invest SUE, designer UzGip LLC, general contractor Uztemiryolqurilishmontaj JSC, contractors Rezaksoy Suv Qurilish UE, Omad Dubl LLC, Sariosiyo Qurilish LLC, Trans Service Complex LLC, Tupalang Sherabad JV, Ministry of Water Resources and Exploitation Directorate, who are involved in violations of the law in the process of design, construction and operation of the dam, under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code (167, 203, 205, 207, 209, 258). 7 of the defendants were taken into custody, 6 were released on bail, and precautionary measures were taken against the other 4,” Burkhonov said.

It was noted that within the framework of the criminal case, a commission consisting of qualified specialists from relevant agencies is carrying out inspections. Along with the identification of culprits, measures are being taken to ensure compensation for damages.