22:10 / 09.10.2020
Cost of tinting rear side window reduced
Photo: KUN.UZ

The government has made some changes to the regulation regarding the use of vehicles with tinted windows, UzA reports.

The rates of payment for permission to change the color of the rear side windows of vehicles of M1, N1 and N2 categories are set at 5 BCAs for individuals (1 million 115 thousand soums). Previously, this amount was 10 times the base calculating amount (2 million 230 thousand soums).

The amount of payment for legal entities to tint the rear side window has not changed – 10 BCAs (2 million 230 thousand soums).

The cost of a permit for tinting both rear and front side windows has not changed: individuals and legal entities have to pay 50 BCAs (11 million 150 thousand soums).