22:36 / 15.10.2020
Alisher Shodmonov shares his views on how to fight coronavirus

Recently, Minister of Health Alisher Shodmonov visited the Akaltin district of the Syrdarya region.

According to the press service of the Ministry, Shodmonov met with healthcare specialists and spoke about the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

“Today, the coronavirus infection threatens people’s health and lives, so everyone wonders how we can quickly and easily fight the virus. The only and most effective solution is a healthy lifestyle. It is not only a defense against the virus, but also the most basic rule for long and happy life. Severe complications and fatal cases mainly occur when people lead passive life, suffer from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, chronic lung diseases or have excessive weight, consume tobacco and alcohol,” he said.

The Minister stressed that age is not the main factor in the severity of the disease.

He also noted that there have been old people who fought the virus very effectively because they were well-nourished, healthy.

“A healthy lifestyle is a physical activity and proper nutrition. According to experts, if a person walks 5-7 kilometers a day, he is less likely to suffer from such diseases as stroke and heart attack. Excess weight is the basis of all diseases,” Alisher Shodmonov concluded.