10:42 / 20.10.2020
“There is no liability for not wearing medical gloves on public transport” – Rasul Kusherbayev

Deputy of Oliy Majlis Rasul Kusherbayev stated that there is no liability for citizens for not wearing medical gloves when using public transport.

Photo: KUN.UZ

“Restriction measures can be introduced only by the Special Commission. The order to make it mandatory to wear gloves on public transport was adopted by the Ministry of Transport, but it is not registered with the Ministry of Justice. Therefore, it has only a recommendatory nature. There is no liability if citizens do not wear gloves,” Rasul Kusherbayev told Kun.uz.

He believes that if ministries develop their own rules, it could lead to a monopoly in a certain area, lobbying, and infringe on the rights of citizens.

Earlier, the Tashkent city transport department said that the order on mandatory wearing of gloves is introduced after thoroughly studying the experience of foreign countries and to protect the health of the population.