20:46 / 18.11.2020
State Statistics Committee reports continuing growth of car production in Uzbekistan
Фото: Kun.uz

In January-October 2020, Uzbekistan produced 238,868 vehicles, which is 19,956 more than in the same period last year, the State Statistics Committee reports.

During this period, the country produced 66,481 Cobalt cars (the growth rate is 146.7% compared to 2019), 57,694 Nexia cars (up by 94%), 41,799 Gentra cars (+121%), 44,076 Damas cars (+104.4%), 21,757 Spark cars (+115.2%) and 7,061 Labo cars (+118.2%).

Also, during January-October, 3,306 trucks were produced in the country (decreased by 25.5% compared to last year), production indicators growing in September - 390 units.

In addition, Uzbekistan produced a total of 566 buses (60.7% decrease compared to last year). The largest production was in March with 176 units.

It was previously reported that UzAuto Motors had to increase the production of Nexia AT, Spark At, Damas models due to high demand.