17:20 / 24.11.2020
Prepayment for electricity consumption may become mandatory in Uzbekistan

The draft government decree stipulates that the supply of electricity to all consumers must be carried out only on a prepaid basis.

Photo: electric-house.ru

In accordance with the draft resolution on amending some decisions of the government of Uzbekistan, as well as considering some of them invalid, electricity will be supplied to all consumers only on a prepaid basis.

According to the current procedure, consumers are required to make a full monthly payment for the consumed electricity in the manner prescribed by law, in accordance with the electricity supply contract.

The government’s draft resolution states that payments for electricity supplied to all consumers (including household consumers), regardless of the form of ownership and departmental affiliation, will be made only on a prepaid basis.

“Consumers who do not pay will be completely disconnected from the electricity grid. Cutting off the electricity supply for indebtedness in industrial enterprises, where power outage can lead to catastrophic consequences, will be carried out only by a relevant court decision,” the draft government resolution reads.

These days, there are many interruptions in the supply of electricity to the population. Social network users are reporting problems in the regions. This issue was also raised in the Senate.

According to the Ministry of Energy, the main reason for the power outages was a sharp increase in electricity consumption as a result of the cold temperature.