13:48 / 25.11.2020
Antimonopoly Committee sues the management of Tashkent region power supply enterprises
Photo: KUN.UZ

The Tashkent regional department of the Antimonopoly Committee sent an administrative complaint to the Almalyk city administrative court suing the head of the enterprise “Almalyk City Electricity Supply” Anvarjon Urazaliyev for disconnecting consumers from electricity supply without warning.

The committee notes that on October 19-20 this year, when residents of the Zangiota district, Tashkent region, were cut off from electricity supply for debts, it caused a heated discussion among users of social networks. Even after consumers paid the debts, they were not connected to the network.

In connection with the violation of the first part of Article 191 of the Law “On protection of consumer rights”, the Tashkent regional department of the Antimonopoly Committee issued a relevant order in relation to the “Tashkent Regional Electric Networks” JSC on October 29, 2020.

In order to fulfill this demand, the “Tashkent Regional Electric Networks” JSC adopted a document, according to which all managers and employees of supplier enterprises were warned that such offenses are unacceptable in the future.

Despite this, on November 20 this year in the Tashkent region, about 17 thousand electricity consumers, were automatically disconnected from the supply network due to indebtedness. Studies showed that even after paying off the debts, consumers were not connected to the system in time.

The same situation was observed on November 21-22 in Kibray and Zangiota districts of the region. Due to the fact that the order issued by the territorial department of the Antimonopoly Committee has not been fulfilled, administrative statements have been drawn up against the heads of the power supply enterprises of Tashkent, Zangiota, Kibray districts of the Tashkent region and measures are being taken to transfer cases to the Administrative Court.