22:17 / 26.11.2020
LUKOIL restores gas production in Uzbekistan

LUKOIL has restored gas production in Uzbekistan almost to the project level, the Vice-President of the company for finance Pavel Zhdanov said.

“Exports from our projects have resumed and, from September, a gradual recovery of production has begun. At present day production is almost completely restored to the project level,” Zhdanov said, speaking about gas production in Uzbekistan.

In August of this year, he reported that the company temporarily stopped gas production on the Gissar project in Uzbekistan due to the decrease in gas demand from China. He explained that the company had reached preliminary agreements to supply Uzbekistan’s domestic gas market in 2020.

The Gissar project is located in the Kashkadarya region. The contract area covers 7 fields. LUKOIL entered the project in 2008. The Production Sharing Agreement (PSA) for the project is valid until 2043.

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