18:13 / 27.11.2020
Ministry of Public Education asks parents to let children attend schools

The representatives of the ministry asked parents not to misuse the hybrid mode of education and, if the child has no health problems, to send him to school. “Every day the child has skipped will negatively affect his future,” said the spokesperson of the ministry, Laylo Rustamova.

Photo: KUN.UZ

Some school teachers are asking students to return to the traditional form of education. The spokesperson for the Ministry of Public Education talked about this at a briefing on November 24.

“Today, some parents, under the pretext of online education, are not sending their children to school, and instead of ensuring that they study at home, allow the child to walk on the streets, or do other things,” the ministry official said.

Considering this, the Ministry of Public Education asks parents to send their children to school, in case they have no serious reasons preventing them from attending classes.

“Every day a child skips will have a negative impact on his future. No modern technology, not even the most advanced ones, can replace the traditional form of education.

The Online School project will continue its activity even with the complete restoration of traditional education. This project will create the possibility of obtaining additional quality education for the child after school hours,” Laylo Rustamova said.