14:04 / 01.12.2020
Health Minister tells how Uzbekistan is dealing with coronavirus more effectively than European countries

Health Minister Abdukhakim Khadjibayev explained how Uzbekistan is coping with coronavirus more effectively than Europe.

“Our first peak occurred in the second half of July – the first half of August, and in Europe and Russia, it was recorded two or two and a half months earlier. By the time Uzbekistan reached the peak, we managed to organize reserve beds in more than 150 hospitals – with the necessary equipment and medicines,” he said in an interview with Sputnik.

Abdukhakim Khadjibayev stressed that the prevention of the disease played an important role.

“Thus, measures taken by the government and the Ministry of Health helped to soften the blow of the pandemic. On average, worldwide mortality from coronavirus is around 5%, in some European countries even higher. In Russia – from 1.5 to 2%, we have about 0.8-0.9%,” he concluded.

Previously, a staff member Nurmat Otabekov explained why the situation with coronavirus in Uzbekistan is not worsening as in other countries of the world.

In his opinion, the preventive measures taken in the country, work on the early detection of the virus, isolation and referral of patients to distribution points help to fight COVID-19 in the early stages.

“Our biggest achievement is that we wear masks, maintain social distance and use antiseptics. It is no exaggeration to say that the work carried out in the primary healthcare system, the activities of mobile teams, the work of call centers and compliance with quarantine rules have a positive impact,” he said then.